Alight Motion Mod APK Download Latest Version 5.0.249 2024

Download Alight Motion Mod APK, a professional animated graphic design application download, has some impressive features for video editing, animation, and visual designing, enjoy the real-time experience of the video editing app’s latest version. This is the advanced and mod version with some exceptional features as well.

You can find various customizing options, such as importing audio, color combinations, color effects, gradient effects, blur mode, font blending, object aspect ratio customizer, background, watermark focus layer optimization, and integrating vector shapes are few of them. So, Alight Motion 5.0.194 offers a broader aspect of crucial tools and categories that make it stand out from the competitors.

alight motion mod apk pro

The competitive advantage of this video editing app is that it allows users to interact with some professional and real-time features, which are only possible through the experts. Besides this, the latest version provides many extra features which are impossible to attain in simpler versions.

Its video editing tools and customizations make it the ideal choice for the user. Genuinely, this app is exceptional in its operation, and the mod version provides the extra advantage of making the process smoother. Download and install now.

What’s New in Alight Motion Apk Latest Version

Since reading the introduction of this alight motion pro apk latest version video editing app, you might visualize the benefits of using this application not only to prove some exceptional customizations but also to make you look like a professional editor. Whether you are a professional or amateur in video editing doesn’t matter.

Its most straightforward interface provides flexibility and simplicity through its user-friendly operating system. That’s why it is becoming more prevalent; people, particularly the young generation, have been using social media platforms since its release.

In addition, This is an ideal application that manages your designing complexities, particularly in graphic designing, animations, and customizing visual effects for images and videos. The critical function of the this latest version is to provide the final result without containing the mod APK watermark. One of its key advantages is that it can modify any object in several layers, and there are no restrictions related to customizations.

Installation Requirements

Android Version Requirement6.0 or Higher
Minimum Ram Requirement1.5 GB
Chipset RequirementSamsung Exynos, Qualcomm Snapdragon, Kirin HiSilicon, MediaTek, Tegra, Intel Atom
Play ProtectCertified By Google

Background of Latest Version

However, Alight Motion Apk latest version is an Android video editing app developed by Alight Creative Inc., Which makes things easy for animation, visual graphics, and video editing. The APK version is feasible for Android phone users. Due to its emergence as the first of its kind, it helps create complex animations and is ideal for video and graphics editors.

The Alight Motion 5.0.194 Pro’s extensive categories can also provide the vectors to get the most out of it while drawing and optimizing animations. Unleash your creativity, which provides the ultimate solution for your artistic visions turning into reality. You must be thinking, how is it possible?

alight motion mod apk pro

Basic Version

The basic version of alight motion pro mod apk is entirely free, with the availability of some limited options. This means only some features are available for its regular users. But that doesn’t mean you should skip to another application. Simply click here and download 

What’s the premium version?

As the information suggests, the premium features of alight motion apk mod come with some extra benefits for users in terms of many unlocked customizations and the most straightforward mod. Although the premium version required you to pay a monthly subscription to avail the extra features. Create your desired animations, visual effects, and motion graphics with Alight Motion 5.0.194 , the first of its kind of designing software.

Its creative aspect brings more captivity in displaying your content more prominent.

What’s new in Alight Motion Pro Mod APK?

Alight Motion Pro APK is a video editing application, offers a range of editing options through its extensive customization options. There are plenty of editing options available for your objects. Its video and graphics customizations give your content a captivating look.

In this detailed information, you will learn how Alight Motion Pro Apk delves into a fantastic multimedia category to give access to unleash your creativity.

Unleash Your Creativity

Are you thinking of making professional and standard-quality animations for our work? The good news is that you are at the right place and looking at the right application. You can use the Alight Motion APK on your iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Apart from all this, you will enjoy the stunning features of the video editing app.

Moreover, Alight Motion Pro APK facilitates you with professional experience. You will get the chance to transform your imaginations into visualizations. It also provide you a wide variety of tools, effects, and customization options.

Excellent User Experience

The Alight Motion Latest version provides an amazing display and well structures content. It also provides a easiest

Because of its well-thought-out user interface, the Alight Motion Mod Page is a delight to go about. Even if you’ve never edited videos, you won’t be overwhelmed by the learning curve since it’s relatively shallow. The platform interface was developed to streamline the creative process as much as possible, keeping the artist’s attention where it should be: on the work being created.

This app is user friendlyImproved performance
You can work with multiple layers on same objectEasy to share project files
You can easily use Vectors on your Android deviceA wider range of graphics and video editing tools
Provides complete camera customizationEasy to use and navigate
Provides the backup for your workProvide result with out watermark
Easy to replicate the layers and settingsFree Premium fonts and many more

Motion Pro Apk Alight Application Details

Application NameAlight Motion
File Size193MB
TypeVideo Editing and Motion Graphics App
Developed ByAlight Creative, Inc

Alight Motion PC Version

Although Alight Motion is a mobile application, you can also use its features on a PC. The desktop version of this application provides the same features as mobile applications. To read more about how to use Alight Motion on PC, Click Here

Key Features

Keyframe Feature

You can also customize your object to make it more attractive and appealing by applying various predefined effects on it. This video editing app has the most demanding Keyframe features used in customizing video and animations frame-by-frame. It means you can access elements that can customize your object more briefly and in layers.

Visual Effect Feature

The built-in Visual Effects motion graphic feature in makes your videos more attractive. You can also apply various tuning options in color selections and shadow customizing. These elements are beneficial in transforming your animation video and their visual effects into fine displays

Multiple Layers

Alight Motion allow users to add multiple layers on object with adjustable size and shape modifications. You can also change the display capacity for each layers, which gives you access to the various preset options.

Font Customization

Apart from the already available collection in the application, you can also add your own customized font. Through its blending mod feature, you can easily blend the fonts on your object display.

Vector Optimization

Vector Graphics provides a ultimate solution to your custom modification settings. You can use the vectors to enhance your graphics either in 2D or 3D animations. You can also use your own vector illustration for the animation.

Speed Optimization

As the name suggests, you can also design and control your animated object and their motion. Such as setting the speed and movement. Although you can also animate your objects and convert them into moving objects, which is called animated effect.

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Application Compatibility

Before you download make sure that the Alight Motion is suitable application for your Android Smart phone. Although you can also access the version for your MAC and PC. The functional aspect of this graphic designing app is to provide you innovative solutions for your design and visual effects. To understand the compatibility of its features mod version, please read the information provided below and enjoy a smooth experience.

Device Compatibility

Alight Motion is fully compatible with the majority of Android devices. However, there are few instructions on meeting device requirements

Graphics Requirements

It is unlike the traditional applications that require you to have a heavy system requirement. Although your simple Android mobile phone is also compatible with a few basic requirements. Like having minimum RAM capacity. Alight Motion’s visual effects are specifically designed for amazing, smooth experiences.

Space Requirements

Currently, alight motion requires ample space of 152 MB, although it can be varied with the availability of future updates. Apart from this, Alight motion requires you to have some space for your images and videos, depending on the resolutions of the object and the effects applied to them. In conclusion, you just need to have substantial space in your device.


Ensure compatibility requirements with the new updates available, benefit from frequent updates, and improvement in graphical visualizations. It is recommended that Alight Motion users keep a check on the latest updates of the applications. Ensure the updates are available on the google play store regularly. It keeps your device compatibility up-to-date with new versions and features enhancements

Premium Unlocked

The premium unlocked version is free and allows you to access some exciting features without paying. There are plenty of options that can be attainable by purchasing the application with its full specifications, but this premium version is free and a solution to your money-saving.

Alight Motion Pro APK Download- Guide

The Alight Motion Mod APK Download version helps in a wide variety of contexts. Users have complete creative control over the app. Which allowing them to do anything from adding new effects to streamlining their workflow. You can also access it on Google Play Store

Simply login to your google play store and search Alight Motion or click on Alight Motion 5.0.194 Mod APK download to direct access to your next amazing application.

alight motion mod apk pro


You can simply download Alight motion apk by visiting the official website or simply click on this Link redirect to our homepage, download the file, and install it on your Android device.

You can download Alight Motion Pro from this site, navigate the download button and click to download it for free.

Alight Motion is an amazing video editing software with access to many effective animations, and motion graphic tools, go no further than Alight Motion. Those looking for effective results and original video editing will find it more suitable.

You can use this app for video editing, motion graphics, and animation. These video files can be edited, and improved. You can add titles, subtitles, and transitions can also be added.

The videos can be made more exciting and tailored through it creative effects, animations, transitions, and text overlays.

It has no-cost.

Make sure you are using the most recent version of the APK, clear the cache, and repair any device-specific issues to stop Alight Motion from crashing.

In Alight Motion, you may apply transitions, text animations, and graphic impact by choosing the element you wish to alter and clicking on the appropriate effect.

  -Remove any running applications in the background.

  -More straightforward projects are better.

  -Reduce the image quality when editing.

  -Make sure your gadget has enough space for all your data.